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Our breast enlargement products are derived from herbaceous plants and are 100% natural and safe. Being soy-rich, they aid in developing fuller, well-defined breasts.

A woman's emotional and physiological needs are closely linked to her self-confidence, and women who are less-endowed often feel inferior to their more well-endowed counterparts. This is due to having less fatty tissues in their breasts or lower amount of female hormones produced during breast development period. Insufficient hormones may arise as a result of genetics, pregnancy, menopause or bad health. While modern surgical procedures have improved drastically, drawbacks and risks still exist for women opt for breast implants. Unsightly surgical scars, infections and other breast complications may still occur despite thousands of dollars spent.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Puerarian breast enhancement. The high level of soy concentration in each of our Puerarian product makes it possible for effective breast enlargement in under 2 weeks with all-natural goodness.

Womens' breasts need proper nutrients and care but this is often overlooked. It is difficult to consume sufficient amounts of soy or vitamins for our daily health, but we can do so with Puerarian. Puerarian ensures maximum breast nourishment safely, with herbs, fruits, and other gardenia extract.2005 Breast Enlargement Brand

The nutritional facts of Puerarian:

  • Collagen that serves as firming and anti-wrinkle agent
  • Vitamin E for breast skin hydration
  • Prevent darken spots like freckles with flora essence
  • Soy content that promotes bone density and breasts
  • Relief and ease menopause symptoms

Significant Increase In Bust Size
Puerarian works perfectly for most women. Supported by intensive and numerous clinical researches, the herbaceous plant is proven to have significant positive effects on breast enlargement, and the large amounts of soy compound (isoflavones and phytoestrogens/ plant estrogen) it contains is greatly beneficial to the female body. Our customers have had successful breast enlargements, attaining increasingly larger breasts with continued usage of our Puerarian products.

Results achieved by happy customers; (View customers’ testimonials)
breast enlargement

  • Increment of bust size from 30A to 32B
  • Firmer and more toned breasts from 34B to 34C
  • Pinkish nipples and fairer breast skin
  • Menopausal customers experience more vaginal secretion
  • Lesser hot flushes and relief of menstrual symptoms
  • Achieve breast fullness
  • Smoother and tighter breast skin

Simple & Comfortable
Breast enlargement should be easy and fuss-free. Customers should not have to waste money on expensive walk-in treatments and unwanted stares. With Puerarian, there are no appointments or embarrassing one-to-one breast treatment sessions to worry about. Our products enable customers to enjoy similar results at the comfort and privacy in their own homes, and without the exorbitant costs. With a wide range of Puerarian breast enlargement products, customers will be spoiled for choice. Simply choose from 5 single products or 7 tailored packages for different breast enlargement needs.

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Puerarian Breast Pills 

 Natural estrogenic support for females

Achieve natural breast enlargement with this nutritional supplement that is high in phytoestrogen. Each pill contains the soy rich organic herb, Pueraria Mirifica. Its phytoestrogenic chemical has proven to boost feminine estrogen and rejuvenate effects to the female body (breast, hip, facial skin, body skin, hair and vaginal epithelium). Blend with other natural herbs, it maximize blood flow in the breast tissues, stimulating breast growth effectively and naturally.

The concentrated soy, isoflavones, helps to strengthen bone density and relieve menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and dry vaginal. The supplement also enhances the female secondary sexual characteristics, increases sexual sensitivity and vitality, refines skin appearances, promotes silky and shiny hair, and serves as an anti-wrinkle and antioxidant agent. If this supplement is used with breast serum or breast cream, it will speed up the process of breast enhancing in a month.

Breast Enlargement: Start taking the first pill at 1st day of menstruation till day 15th or last day of period. Then stop. Consume again at the next menstruation cycle. Do not consume more than 4 pills per day. Remember to drink a tall glass of water when taking supplement. For Menopausal women: consume ONLY 1 pill everyday.

Breast Enlargement Pill
( Nett: 60 pills, 250mg each )
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